Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing fluxinflux...

So, let me introduce my blog. It's called fluxinflux because that is what my life is like! At the moment I think it will mostly be about things I like, things I am doing and hopefully things I am making. From previous experience I am pretty sure that this blog, and these things, will constantly be in flux...

Here are some things I like nearly all the time:
  • books - reading them and the objects themselves
  • arts and crafts - looking at it, learning about the story of a piece and the people who made it, and occasionally attempting it myself
  • food - cooking it and, even more, eating it
  • travelling - overseas and at home, especially when it involves a mixture of camping, tramping, cute villages, interesting towns, big cities and fairly regular hot showers

And some things I am doing in the next few days:
  • moving - with A from our kind friends' place into a flat we are very happy to have got a lease on
  • starting a new job - fortunately after we have moved into the flat which is a lot closer to the job than our friends' place

And some things I am making at the moment:
  • nothing - except CO2! but today I bought fabric to make Simplicity 3850 - Built by You Misses Slim Leg Pants. I have made these before but without paying attention to the advice on to cut the size according to the desired finished garment measurements, not your body measurements. I ended up with rather nice trousers but the 9cm(!) of ease rendered them unwearable by me! Last night I cut out the pattern for a size 10 rather than a 14, and researched different ways to sew zips into fly fronts. Can't wait to start...
  • oh, and this blog!
Thanks for reading!
Ciao for now...